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SSB Act of 1996
SSB Act of 1999
Gazzete 2006
Enrollment Application
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Benefits Under Scheme
Life time monthly pension
Total disablment benefits
Partial disablment benefits
Death gratuity

Enrollment for the Scheme:

Base of Enrollment

The enrollment of persons possessing the above prescribed qualifications will be Effected by the following officers and office.

  • Grama niladhari
  • Samurdhi Development Officer
  • Divisional Secretariat
  • Divisional Secretariat – SLSSB –District Office
  • SSB Head Office
  • Other Officers Authorized by SLSSB

Places of Enrollment

First contribution will be collected form such persons and enrolled by the enrollment Officer. The members can pay their contribution Through Following collection parties.

  • Government Bank – BOC, Peoples Bank, NSB
  • Post Office
  • Authorized Gramaniladhari
  • Divisional Secretariat
  • SLSSB –District Office
  • SLSSB Head Office

Enrollment Appliction Form